About Me

My writing is down to earth, warm, friendly and chatty. If it’s artistic poetry you’re after I won’t be a good fit because it’s just not my natural style.


I like to write as though I’m chatting with my reader – that’s the kind of writing I most like to read too – I like to feel a connection through the words and in blogging and social media that’s a pretty big must.


What qualifies me to do this?


Well, I do have qualifications and a twenty-year career in marketing and communication behind me, so it’s definitely something I have knowledge and experience of.  But it’s more than just churning out content or appreciating the power of branding, understanding about connecting with your target audience or putting words together in a cohesive way.


There’s creativity in my soul. I spent years as a wedding photographer, shooting weddings on the weekend and doing the ‘day job’ during the week.  It was wedding photography that made me fall in love with blogging. I began posting stories of the weddings I’d shot and people seemed to really love them.


Given that Cornwall had no wedding blog of its own to inspire couples getting married in our pretty part of the world, I decided to start my own, and in January 2012, Pasties & Petticoats was born.


In 2015 I ditched the day job and launched myself into self-employment. For a while, I kept up both the photography and blogging, but my heart really lay with writing and that soon became my focus.


The meeting of weddings and writing while still getting to appreciate beautiful imagery through wedding blogging meant that I had been lucky enough to find  my dream job.


Now, as we near the end of 2018, with Pasties & Petticoats well established, I’ve decided to do finally say yes to writing for others after years of being asked to do so!